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Fifth Edition , small illustrations throughout; publisher's cloth darkened at spine, overall good. McMinn, Emelin C. William Draper Lewis, ed. Kenneth D. Landels, William. Harold J. Frey , Charles J. Dymond, Jonathan. Duren J.


John V. Knopf first edition; 78 pp. Davis Company pp. Crowell 26 pp. Consign Books. Rare items found nowhere else! Home Search Results. More information Buy Books by the Foot Decorator collections available. Zubal Catalog Number:. Date published: From To. Price: From To. Search Search Rare Books Only? Foreign Affairs, Papers.

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Equal Partners. Illustrations by Seymour M. Asiatic Breezes or Students on The Wing. Transactions of the Illinois Academy of Science. Passion's Destiny. Diseases of the Stomach and Intestines. Motor Tours in Yorkshire Mrs. How to Advertise a Bank A.

The Tormentor. The Columbia Literary Monthly. A literary journal issued monthly, from October to May inclusive.

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Edited and published by students of Columbia University. Volume V. October, , to May, Columbia University. Gold of Freedom Charles E. The American Protectionists Manual.

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Latter Day Sinners and Saints. World Disorder and Reconstruction. Nature Protection Throughout the World. Spicul Paul M. Second Series Oliver Optic, pseud. A Time of Greatness: The 78th U. May Coverley. Illustrated by Howard E. The Dekalb Legend. Volume Five, Elizabeth S. The DeKalb Legend. Volume Three, July Elizabeth S. Centennial Centiments E. Das Deutsche Bodenkreditsystem. Massachusetts Historical Society. Proceedings, October, - June, Lessons of faith and life: Discourses E.

North Dakota Years Dill, Joseph, comp. Vagabonds of the Sea. The campaign of a French cruiser. Utah's Distinguished Personalities. Deluxe Edition Vol. Handbook to Rugby and Neighbourhood Wm. Facsimiles of the Bancker Broadsides. I also want to dedicate this book to all female singers in India, both past and present. It is due to their courage and dedication that beauty can be preserved.

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The inherent vowel is written for words occurring in song texts, but not otherwise, except in word-end conjuncts such as Certain words are written in conventional sanskritised form; for example, viraha and rasa are transliterated with the inherent vowel. When secondary sources are quoted, the system used by the writer is adhered to in the quotation. Indian names have been given in established Roman spellings without diacritical marks. Foreign words are italicised at first appearance only, and subsequently occur in roman with diacritical marks.

If used more than once, and if their meaning is relevant, such words are included in the Glossary. Fonts used are Jaisalmer for Devanagari, and Taj for the Roman script.

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  • Such references are placed in the main text when an author is cited or paraphrased, but in the endnotes when the work is referred to as a source of authority. Dates follow the Gregorian calendar unless otherwise indicated.

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    The Vikram date has been converted by subtracting Shyamsundar Das et al. Personal collection of Lalita du Perron.

    Plate 1 Europeans being entertained dancers and musicians in a splendid Indian house in Calcutta during Durga puja. Illustrated by William Prinsep — The entertainments advertised are a snake charmer, wrestling, a nautch girl, afternoon tea and an Anglo Hungarian band. By Henry Evanion. By Edward B. Eastwick ed. Plate 5 Portrait of a dancing girl in a white sari with a red border seated on a Western-style sofa on a terrace.

    Plate 6 Two dancing girls. Plate 7 Courtesan seated on a chair smoking a hookah. All three genres have been the subject of major studies. Dhrupad has been the focus of a musicological work by Indurama Srivastava , which only briefly discusses the texts of the genre. Both authors are primarily concerned with the poetical i.

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    The dynamic relationship between performance and text has not been discussed in these studies. Shatrughna Shukla and Peter Manuel These works are, again, primarily musicological, although they include chapters on the linguistic aspect of compositions. Although the present work contextualises the lyrics in their performance setting, it is primarily a textual analysis in which musical observations are based on existing studies, augmented by my own experiences as a student of Hindustani vocal music. The texts tend to be concise, using limited vocabulary primarily The predominant mood of the texts drawn from the literary Hindi dialect Braj is romantic.

    They usually describe formulaic situations in a Krishnaite idiom. The combination of this idiom with the romantic mood has led to an increased perception of as an essentially devotional genre. It is a testament to integrity as an art form that in spite of its original context it has survived the transition to modernity. In the process, its meaning has been changed, its tradition has been reinvented and its history has been denied.

    The aim of this and to contextualise them book is to appraise the language and texts of against a backdrop of the changing scenery of North Indian music culture in the twentieth century. Context is not an ancient form. Short phrases are repeated many times, with a view to emphasising a different shade of emotional meaning the texts ideally with each repetition.